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Community + Courses + Coaching in the Aging Space

The worldwide population over the age of 55 is the most rapidly expanding age demographic. Each of these generations faces unique challenges, issues and concerns as they age (so do their family members, many of which are caregivers). One of the keys is providing valuable information that can benefit those in need. The Knowledgeable Aging® Learning Center has positioned itself in the aging space as that resource via its online learning platform.

It has been proven that learning does not end when course material has been consumed. In fact, although important to the overall education, the course material represents but one part of the process. The ability for students and instructors to interact during the course and after the course has been completed represents a significant additional benefit to the actual course material. This community interaction, unique to the Knowledgeable Aging® Learning Center, is fundamental to our educational philosophy. 

The Knowledgeable Aging® Learning Center, accessed by selecting a plan, will provide you with:  

  • Aging related content offered in a community + course format
  • Interaction with course members in an on-going fashion of live streams, chats, polls/surveys, sharing of real-time experiences
  • Courses, provided by industry leaders in the fields of communication and marketing, finance, health & wellness, housing, legal and technology
  • Groups (public and private) connecting you with like-minded professionals on areas of interest to you

Global Community (provided with all plans)

  • Connect and interact with other community members all of whom will have a common interest in the aging population
  • Customize your community experience by joining courses and/or groups
  • Participate in events, post articles/blogs, share your experiences and much more

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