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Global Community Providing Courses in the Aging Space

The population over the age of 55 is the most rapidly expanding age generation and market demographic in the United States. Every generation faces unique challenges as they age, whether they are moving from their 20’s to their thirties, their 30’s to their forties, etc. However, people progressing over the age of 55 must not only deal with the normal social changes associated with aging like all other generations, but, also must deal with issues unique to their advancing age group. These issues may relate to concerns in the fields of medical, financial, legal or a variety of other life-changing experiences these people will encounter. The Knowledgeable Aging® Learning Center (the KA Learning Center) is an online community and educational platform that consolidates, in one place, clear explanations of the problems facing this generation and many suggested solutions and recommendations to assist the aging and their caregivers when addressing these issues.

Professionals providing care and services to this population will be taking this challenging journey with the aging individual. For this reason, the KA Learning Center will be offering educational opportunities specifically designed for professionals in aging related industries. Many of these courses will be certified and approved for Continuing Education Credits by the certifying or licensing bodies. Professionals can use these credit hours to maintain their licenses or certifications.

It is a proven fact that learning does not stop when course material has been consumed. In fact, although important to the overall educational experience, the course material itself represents but one part of the process. This expanded perspective of the educational experience is fundamental to the Knowledgeable Aging® Learning Center philosophy. With our unique online ‘community’, the Knowledgeable Aging® Learning Center provides the ability for students and instructors to interact with each other while they are taking the course and after course completion. This represents a significant additional learning opportunity for the student in addition to the actual course material.

The Knowledgeable Aging® Learning Center, accessed by selecting a plan (see below), will provide you with:  

Continuing Education (CE) credit courses and professional development courses, all produced by industry professionals in the areas of the Law, Financial, Housing, Health and Wellness and Communications and Marketing. Many of these courses will be presented with their own built-in online community permitting interaction amongst the course community members and the course’s instructor.

Global Community (provided with all plans)

In addition to the previously mentioned course specific communities. The Knowledgeable Aging® Learning Center provides an online ‘global community’ comprised of all students and instructors, irrespective of their specific professional association.

  • Connect and interact with other global community members all of whom will have a common interest in understanding and working with the aging population
  • Customize your community experience by joining courses (and their course specific community), which will also allow you to connect with those community members in a more focused manner
  • Participate in events, post articles/blogs, share your experiences and much more